Friday, May 11, 2012

My First Basketball Experience.

It was a Tuesday morning and Room 7 went out to play and learn new skills about basketball. As we lined up outside our classroom waiting for Mrs Tui to instruct us to go to the court. As we walked to the center of the courts, we met a man named Coach Bruce.

Coach Bruce asked us to line up on the yellow line and Mrs Tui sorted us into our teams,there were five groups.Bruce  handed out a basket ball to each team,we had to dribble the ball around the cone and back and pass it to the other person that was next in line. Bounce bounce bounce as we dribbled the ball back and forth,next we played a game. We had to run to the center of the court and run across the base line and run towards the hoop and shoot it.It was a fun game.

Soon it was time, Coach Bruce blew the whistle he told us all to come sit down,It was time for us to leave so room 6 can have their turn. I can’t wait until the next time we have kiwi sports as I thought when I walked back to class.