Thursday, June 16, 2011

The ascension

I am learning about the Ascension when Jesus went up to heaven to his father and he promised to his apostles he will send down the Holy Spirit.

Jesus help me with my learning.

Friday, June 3, 2011

long boring ride

On Thursday night (Easter holidays) some of the church went on a very long trip to Gisborne for a church camp about eight hours and a half. It was then time to go in the six mini buses,we had to leave at eleven o clock, we had to fill up the bus before we went then we turned in to a gas station at Sylvia park,then we hit the motor way.

while we went further in to the motorway it got more darker then i fell asleep,when I woke up it was very dark outside the window,i became hungry so my mum pass down some chips so i shared it with my brother.soon I asked my sister what was the time an she said its quarter past two so i went back to sleep.the second time I woke up I asked my dad(the driver) if we were there yet and he said half way.
later on we stopped at another gas station and i got out of the bus and bought me a drink,after that i started playing game on my cousins phone soon the other five buses suddenly stopped then i thought that we were there but we were just lost,lucky one of the buses had a map. Then it was now 5:00am when I asked my dad again he said we are now there, then finally hopped out of the bus and walked in to the hall to have breakfast with the other church members.