Monday, September 12, 2011

Magic Maska 2

The Tongan Maska went around with knives and Dead Justice had an amour and he had guns. They were unstoppable until a new cop came into town. His name was Fred Jones and he was the best cop in the world. He had solved every crime there was except the Tonga Maska.

One day the 2 Tongan brothers were planning to rob another bank and the bank was next to the Police Station. The 2 Tongan brothers robbed the bank at midnight but they would fall into a trap which the new cop in town had set for them. The Black Maska used his laser eyes to escape out of the trap and then Fred the cop was amazed and impressed at their skill. He was shooting the Tongan brothers and they hit Dead Justice 5 times. Dead Justice was so angry that he turned red and chased Fred.

Fred was so terrified that he screamed like a girl and was running away as fast as he could. He was too slow and Dead Justice caught Fred and he smashed him. After a while Fred was so angry at Dead justice because he smashed him and got he got furious, he was looking for the 2 Tongan brothers to kill them for what they had done.

On the next night Fred was planning to go to the Tongan brothers house and kill them. “There hahahahahahaha” said Fred. Fred went to the Tongan brothers house but they were not there, they were up the tree house hiding from him. Fred went out of the tree house and looked up to the roof and then he saw Black Maska running on top of the roof, he started shooting but it never got him. Fred shouted “daaaammmmmnnnn” and then Dead Justice was behind him and he whispered in his ears and said “hello old friend nice to meet you again!”. Fred went running, he was looking for his gun but he couldn’t find it and so he ran back to the Tongan brothers house. He saw it lying on the floor, then he walked slowly to it to make sure that nobody was there. The 2 Tongan brothers jumped from the top of the roof and then they all saw zombies and they all said “oh forget about that”. They carried on fighting and then none of them got killed because the Zombies came to them and half of them got killed. Fred got killed because someone out of the Zombies came behind him and ripped his head off. The 2 Tongan brother said that they are unstoppable and will never be destroyed.

5 years later there was a new baby brother. They had heaps of adventure all together. On one adventure the three Tongan brothers parents died because 2 lions were surrounding them and then they tried fighting it. One of the lions jumped on the father and then they killed the mother. The three Tongan brothers found their parents lying on the floor and the lions tried to kill them but Dead Justice was to quick and killed the lions in 5 seconds. They said no one will die from a lion and then they start killing everybody and they continued to be unstoppable.