Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amazing New Netbooks

On a sunny day rm6 and rm7 were feeling excited. The feeling of excitement was in their bones as new netbooks had arrived. The teachers ,Miss G , Mrs Burt and Mr Coakley were in the room while the experience was happening.

Next when the teachers were handing out the netbooks the whole class was very nervous. Soon when everyone got their netbooks, we took it out of the box gently.Before we turned on the netbook with our turn on finger we started a countdown from 10-1, as soon as I heard 1 I turned on my netbook and then the manaikalanie logo came to our sight.The next instruction was to type in your email address and our password. After that it was time for the the exciting part of the feel of the netbook to explore the files and games.While enjoying our games Macjeva called out to Kahlanie “have you checked out the web cam”, then half of the class went on the web cam.Then it was time time for our netbooks to go and we all turned it off with our turn on finger so we closed our netbooks and we put them gently back in to there boxes,also i am very looking forward to the next time we use them.

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