Friday, July 8, 2011

Anzac biscuits

School Journal Part 2 Number 3, 2007
Pg 10-13.

ANZAC Biscuits by Philippa Wery

Learning Outcome:I will be able to share what I know and/or have learnt about Anzac day and what it means to me;

I will be able to make connections with past events and view it into day’s context.

1) What other wars have the New Zealand armed forces (army, navy air force) been involved in?
World War Two

2) What do these words mean?
a) Commemoration: Remembering The Past

b) Dawn parade: Gathering People at Dawn

3) Who made the first Anzac biscuits?

The Mothers, The Womens and The girl friends

4) What is a soldier biscuit?

A soldier biscut was a old name for the anzac biscuts

5) What are the three special qualities that make an Anzac biscuits popular amongst the troops?

Tasty and long lasting biscuts

7) If you were a soldier in WW1 would you rather have an Army biscuit or an Anzac biscuit?
And why would you make this choice?
An Anzac biscut because the army biscuts sound pretty yuk.

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