Thursday, April 5, 2012


29th of March was the day that the year 8 went to retreat. It was time for us to leave. As we drove up the driveway of St Francis retreat centre we were amazed how big the place was,Brother Phillip awaited us as we drove up.

We all got out of the car we went in and brother Phillip told us the instruction and rules,Then we went in to the waiting room and waited for him. He then instructed us to enter the chapel and he handed us a notebook for writing a prayer or talking to god,we also had a quiet time and time to think. Next we had to go and put our bags into our room.
Later we went in to the meeting room and played a game.
After that we went outside and invented our own little ark but me Siu and Sione koula teamed up and we built an ark 3 time bigger than the normal one. we worked very hard on it, then we went to the back of the building and placed our arks in the pond filled with goldfish. We all got a rock that represented a animal, Our’s floated like Zeph’s and Lavinia’s. Soon it was time for the Year 8 students to go into the chapel and write in our notebook. also we all got a chance to light a candle,it was a special time.soon it was time to go to sleep.

The next day was a bit boring because we had to return back to school.

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